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5 serious issues with nail-art!

Nail art is all about creativity and it is a way to beautify and decorate your nails with artistic quality. But there are some serious health issues with nail arts which are considered as very common nowadays. Here are some of the most common health issues with nail arts:

1-Chances Of Fungus:

The most serious & dangerous problem occurs with the constant use of nail art tools & manicures are causing a harmful disease of “Fungus”. This issue is injuries for your health and also turns your nails to yellowish in color. Many girls who are addicted to making such nail designs are suffering from this health disease.

2-Reduction Of Natural Shine Of Nails:

As every natural thing is pure until it is protected from chemicals, the same as it happens with the beauty of nails as well. Regular use of nail designing chemicals makes your nails chipped and it also reduces the natural shine of it. It is the basic reason due to which your nails become weak and look ugly.

3-Waste Of Time In Maintenance:

As every girl has a busy schedule nowadays, maintaining the nails looks also become so costly for them. To retain the nail beauty and for the extra care of your nails, it is important to maintain it periodically which sometimes becomes a waste of time as well.

4-Costly Fashion:

Nail art fashions & manicures are very costly in nature, this is the reason this fashion cannot be repeated on a regular basis. Going to the salon and getting a good manicure from a good nail artist will also cost you too much so you will become unable to save money or to invest it anywhere else.

5-Chemical Reactions Side Effects:

Nail art tools including (Nail polishes, Nail shiners, and others) all contain a big amount of chemicals in it, if a nail shiner is used on the skin of hands mistakenly it can harm the skin and the reason is the reactions of chemicals used in it.

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