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6 Reasons Why Oily Skin is the Best!

-Oily skin is one type out of many that every woman is suffering from. Although many do not know, oily skin is not that bad as it seems.

Being an owner of oily skin comes with a lot of benefits and perks as well, but first, let us try to understand what are the factors which may channel the reason for owning an oily skin.

Talking in-depth

As we all know, our skin is one of the most important and biggest organs of our body, it contains several glands. One of the glands which is known by the name of “Sebaceous Gland”, which is responsible for producing too much oil, making your skin look shiny and oily.

After some hours of cleaning & washing your face, there are chances that your face may still feel greasy. This will lead to breakouts and acne due to the sebum mixing with dead skin cells getting stuck in your pores.

Some of the reasons for oily skin can be genetic, environment, lifestyle factors, eating habits, using wrong products & even stress.

Many women out there want to get rid of their oily skin, but little do they know that it is a blessing disguise with lots of benefits. If taken proper care & use natural, organic, cruelty & guilt-free products. Oily skin has many benefits

Listing a few out of many

Helps you look younger

Fine lines & wrinkles are noticeable due to lack of collagen and sebum, although people with oily skin have a lot of it. This decreases the speed of their skin growing old and helps them look younger.

A 30yr old with oily skin have fewer chances to look her age, whereas a 20-year-old with dry skin may look older to their age due to lack of sebum and collagen.

Self Generating “Vitamin E”

Dermatologist, Jeannette Graf, explained to that our over-productive oil glands actually deliver Vitamin E (a natural antioxidant) to our skin which can help protect our skin against free radicals that can cause cellular damage. So even though we still need SPF, the oils on our faces do give a little added protection against the damaging effects of the sun and air pollution. Just make sure to keep your diet rich in antioxidants so that your natural oils can keep up the good work.

Helps you heal faster

Got a scar, acne wound on your skin? Worry not, the Vitamin E which is generated by our own skin naturally would help you heal faster than the ones who own Dry Skin. So even if you’re prone to acne, the mark is not going to stick around for a long time. It will fade away before you even know it!

Sunny days won’t harm you that much…

Did you know? That oily skin is known to bolster the effects of SPF, protecting us on a sunny day!

It is absolutely important to make use of an organic Sunscreen or Sunblock when you go out in the sun, but it has been noticed and proven that people with oily skin tend to burn less and are away from those harmful damages that UV rays can give to our skin.

You’re protected, Hydrated!

According to & article written by Alan M. W. Porter, M.D., PhD for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, "Secretions of the sebaceous and apocrine glands ... emulsify eccrine sweat and thus encourage the formation of a sweat sheet and discourage the formation and loss of sweat drops from the skin.

None of us can escape from this naturally gifted skin type, but we can always take some measures to keep it clean & healthy, there are several beauty products available on Svanah Beauty’s Member’s Shop which will help you gain a healthy & moisturized skin such as “Skin Care Kit - for Oily Skin” which comes with:

A carefully balanced and naturally formulated skin oil to keep it well hydrated and moisturized.

A natural body cream that is made up of the highest quality organic ingredients

An organically made foot cream, because your feet needs the most pampering of all

A lip balm made with the best natural contents to give you soft and plump lips

The best part about shopping for Skincare & Beauty products by Svanah Beauty is that all the products made by them are Holistic, Cruelty-Free, Made with natural & organic ingredients.

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