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Chakra Meditation: How Does It Work?

In the last article, we talked about what the chakras were and where they're located within us all. If you didn't get the chance to read it and you want to, go ahead and read it here. But what do you do to find out if you have a chakra block or a particular chakra isn't activated? You do chakra meditation. That's what we're talking about today! Let's find out how it works and how it can help you.

What Is Chakra Meditation?

For centuries, maintaining balanced chakras have been linked to healthy mental and physical health. Through chakra meditation, you have the ability to improve that balance, unblock chakras, and improve your overall health. That's the goal of holistic health as well.

Chakra meditation is a specialized meditation to unblock those chakras. With proper chakra meditation, you can clear, balance, and cleanse your chakras.

But how can you identify a blocked chakra?

Blocked Chakras

What is a blocked chakra?

This is when one of your chakras is blocked. The signs vary from chakra to chakra depending on which one is blocked but there are ways to identify whether or not you have one.

How do chakras become blocked?

Blocked chakras can happen when you are unbalanced. The energy is not going to one or more chakras so it will compensate by flowing into the chakras that are still functioning or unblocked. When a chakra is blocked, the others will become hyperactive. It can be a threat to both your physical and mental health.

How can you tell a chakra is blocked?

It's good to be curious about which chakra is blocked and there is a way to test it. There are many online tests to find out but I recommend this one. Click here to take the test.

However, a more effective way is to have knowledge about the chakras and lookout for signs of imbalance. Remember that each chakra is different and will display different signs when in imbalance. When you pinpoint the chakra, you can then focus on unblocking it and regaining balance.

Controlling Your Chakras

Blocked or clogged chakras can do you harm but so can having chakras that are overly hyperactive. You must learn to control your chakras to maintain the balance of energy flow within you.

Meditation is the best way of controlling your chakras. You can add in mantras that speak to specific chakras as well so your focus remains on it throughout the meditation.

How Do You Meditate and Open Chakras?

Your chakras are intimated braided into you and your system and there is only so much work you can do on one chakra. The best way to meditate is to do it for all of them to keep the balance of energy flow. Here is how you meditate to get results:

Step 1: Find a peaceful spot where you won't get distracted for at least 30min

Step 2: Get on the floor or cushion or couch and sit crisscrossed.

Step 3: Sit straight so your spine is erect and let your limbs become limp on your knees

Step 4: Breathe deeply and evenly

You can visualize each chakra in your body turning as the energy flows through them. Give each chakra patient attention, focusing on them until they become their vibrant colors and the energy itself is vibrantly passing through each. Every chakra should take a couple of minutes.

It can be a little tricky to keep track of them at first but with practice and patience, you'll get the hang of it. If it worries you, then try some guided meditations. Personally, I have a ritual to do every night before bed to keep my chakras regularly maintained.

Individual Chakra Meditation

As I said before, you can focus on individual chakras for a meditation. I do one per night so each can get my full undivided attention.

Once you've gone through a few meditation sessions, you can feel more sensitized to your chakras. You'll be more sensitive to the energy flowing through each and associate specific things to specific chakras. This is when you should begin to focus on individual chakras that you believe need attention and work.

Do breathing exercises, recite the chakra mantras, look at specialized positions and hand gestures for each chakra to concentrate that focus.

This will take time, patience, and work but in the end, it's worth it to feel enlightened and whole. You are worth that time and effort, remember that. Be careful on your journey toward enlightenment and holistic wholeness. Have fun in chakra meditation!

Chakra Meditation: How Does it Work? was written, researched, and edited by Emmalie Roberts. For more articles, check out our blog page, here, and don't forget to follow us on social media, here, for daily tips, tricks, and reminders for your path to holistic health.

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