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Factors That Influence the Skin

By now you probably have a good understanding of the basic layers and functions of the skin. These layers work side by side to create the most beautifully functioning, healthy skin that we could possibly have. However, the natural physiological behavior of the skin is influenced by a multitude of not only external but internal factors. External Factors

External factors have an amazing impact on the physiological functioning and the condition of the skin. Ultraviolet light (the sun), pollution, smoking, harsh product use, improper product use, change of seasons, climate, travel, and exercise all impact the ability of the skin to function at its best. In many cases, these external factors create free radicals and trigger protective responses in the skin that can result in negative effects such as increased cell turnover, dehydration, excess pigment production, clogging, and acne breakouts. In some cases, it is quite easy to avoid these external factors; we can not smoke, exercise, wear sunscreen, avoid harsh products, and use quality appropriate skincare. However, there are some external factors that we simply can not avoid; change of seasons, climate, pollution, and travel. In such cases, it is critical to take care to protect the skin and prevent damage by using skincare products that hydrate the skin, contain antioxidants, contain humectants (ingredients that hold and lock in water), promote healthy cell turnover and specifically aim to repair cellular damage.

Internal Factors

Internal factors can also play a major role in the health and condition of the skin. Pregnancy and hormonal change can increase skin sensitivity, cause acne breakouts, and trigger pigment production. Medications for sinuses, allergies, and antibiotics can cause dehydration and increased sensitivity; while heart conditions and circulatory problems can decrease circulation and affect the skin’s ability to be properly nourished and detoxified. This topic is endless, but what is of utmost importance is that you understand two very important facts; first, the healthier you are on the inside, the healthier you are on the outside; and second, 80% of the condition of the skin is the result of proper home care. The right products, the right choices, and sticking to a daily skincare regimen will guarantee healthy, youthful, beautiful skin. Original link:

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