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Foods to eat during Thanks Giving to make your skin glow!

As per the old saying, it is an ultimate truth of life that “You are what you eat”. And even if our taste buds may love a cheesy burger and a large packet of french fries, you may want to think over it and reconsider it thinking what your skin wants. As we all know that the biggest food holiday is right around the corner, we thought of finding a trustworthy source for you understand which foods during the ThanksGiving can help you get some good glow on

Mt. Kisco dermatologist David Bank says “Diet is an integral part of healthy skin”. So if we have to continue having good skin, remember to continue with three to four servings of these foods will help you achieve a glowing skin that you deserve!

1) Kale

This superfood consists of “Vitamin A” which is essential for skin and helps you reduce skin wrinkles. Only a cup contains more than a daily minimum of skin-firming vitamin A. It includes chlorophyll which is considered to be a molecule that helps you carry out all the toxins from the body. A kale smoothie or a salad before your meal can help you prevent overeating.

2) Sweet Potatoes

Whereas we don’t suggest you to not load up onto marshmallows and other sweets, eating sweet potatoes can help you develop new skin cells with Vitamin A and C. It also has fibers which can help you keep your digestion on track, this will also reduce the chances of skin breakouts.

3) Olive Oil

Including some healthy fats in your meal such as this amazing oil can help you have a healthy heart with Vitamin E. This will also help you restore the skin elasticity. Olive oil contains antioxidants that can help free radical damage. Unlike other foods mentioned above, olive oil can also be topical to your skin and it can penetrate into the skin without clogging the pores.

Svanah Beauty wishes you all the wellness and blessings for the season!

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