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Good Skin & Mental Positivity - How are they connected?

Did you know?

Our skin is one of the biggest organs in our entire body, just like plants, our skin as well is in the need of nourishment and provided moisturizing to grow well.

The entire wellness of our skin is somewhere related to our brain and mental wellness, strange isn’t it? But here’s a fact that taking care of our skin is a part of our beauty & wellness routine. Owning a good skin will always reflect on our confidence and attitude towards everything, and being positive and confident about ourselves is a sign of mental wellness.

Due to COVID-19, there is a huge transition which we all are facing. As per a statement given by the experts on the website of -

“One of the bigger things we’re experiencing right now is the transition from being out and about to home all the time. What happens during that change is that you lose the structure and routine of your day. Those routines include healthy eating habits, exercise, journaling, and skin care,” says Matt Traube, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and a psychodermatologist in Santa Barbara, California.

As well as according to a research and study which was published in June 2018 in Lancet Psychiatry, researchers came to a conclusion that the people who are less consistent for their routines during the active parts of their day are more likely to suffer from major depressive and bipolar disorders, mood swings, loneliness, and are tend to be less happy.

From being active at our workplace & being in the office throughout the time looking presentable to being at home in our pyjamas, we are losing our routine and interests in paying attention to our skin & body. This reaction is ultimately leading us towards feeling a little dull & insecure about our physical attributes due to a “Not So Great Looking Skin”.

Using different sorts of beauty products, especially the ones which are cruelty-free & guilt-free such as the Lhamour Bath Bomb Sets at member’s shops will lead you to enjoy the self pampering sessions that you deserve.

Head of aesthetics at Mario Tricoci in Chicago Says, : “Caring for my skin during quarantine has definitely given me something to look forward to. My significant other and I like to set the mood when we do at-home facials by lighting some candles, having a glass of wine, and playing some relaxing tunes while we let our mask sit,”, If you’re wondering where to find highly effective & moisturizing masks that suits your skin and gives you the best results while rejuvenating your every cells, Member’s Shop at Svanah Beauty is the best place to come across a rejuvenating face mask that matches all your requirements.

It is a proven fact that our brain and the skin are more likely formed of the same group cells which is named as “Ectoderm Layer” this is the reason why keeping a healthy psychological connection in between our skin and brain is extremely important.

According to the research, the Director of Dermatologic Research at Montefiore Medical Center in New York Said That “The skin and the central nervous system are intertwined, Therefore, it’s not surprising that almost any and all skin diseases can be impacted by changes in the nervous system.”

In conclusion:-

Knowing all the facts & reasons of being mentally flawless is what leads us to utterly beautiful and healthy skin, this is the reason we at Svanah Beauty are dedicated and concentrated to making organic, environmental friendly, holistic & guilt-free beauty products for each and everyone in this world.

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