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Valentine's Day Special: Herbs To Attract Love

Herbs are a very powerful thing. They can heal and attract many different things, depending on which ones you use and how you use them. Herbs have been a big part of many movements like the holistic/herbalist movements as well as the Wiccan movement. I can get into what herbs can do what for you in other posts. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd share with you a few roots and herbs to attract love. Not just romantic love but any kind of love. This will be the first of many posts about how powerful herbs can be. But for now, let's talk about herbs and love.


Roses are probably the most common herb associated with love. But many believe that it only attracts romantic love. This is not the case. In fact, depending on the color of the rose, you can attract several different types of love.

Red Rose - (most common) - attracts sensual, passionate love

Yellow Rose - attracts platonic, friendly love

Pink Rose - attracts romantic, sweet love

If you're going on a first date and trying to woo your potential partner, I recommend a few pink roses. However, if you're on your honeymoon or feeling sexy, I recommend red roses. The rose will enhance and attract whatever love you're trying to create. But keep in mind, this is not a mind-altering herb. If there was nothing to begin then there's nothing to enhance or attract.


This is an herb to add to a sensual bath or to pair with the red rose. It attracts passion and sensuality. My recommendation is to use it as a massage oil or lotion. However, if you're trying to do this a less sexual way and more ritualistic then I recommend using it in a love-drawing bath. Here's how you create a love drawing bath with patchouli:

Step 1: Dress some candles in honey and ginger root and burn this as incense

Step 2: Steep it in bath water

Step 3: Add in a patchouli soap or oil

You can also use a patchouli bath & floor cleaner as well. The act of using it regularly can attract that passionate sexy love.


Rosemary is such a versatile herb. It smells great, it works well with food, and you can use it in many vitamins, supplements, and even in skincare & hair products. It is by far my favorite smell and flavor. Much like roses, it strengthens love and lust. Rosemary is sacred to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, known for her beauty and blessings of love.

It's very often used to purify and cleanse much like sage. This is a powerful and uplifting herb that can be consumed, burned as incense, and applied to the body. I recommend using this to keep and maintain your love while simultaneously enhancing it. It can be used to rid yourself and others of jealousy and wearing rosemary oil can help leave a lovely lasting impression on the one you desire.

High John the Conqueror Root

While not as directly associated with love as the other herbs, High John helps in obtaining what you desire. It's a versatile herb and considered a magical Indian root by many associated with Wicca. It's used when luck and prosperity are needed, it most often draws good fortune and abundance. This can be extremely helpful in your quest for love.


This herb is most commonly used in teas (which are pretty delicious). Much like roses, the colors of a hibiscus flower are associated with different love goals. They aren't as commonly given to dates because their meaning is much stronger than a fleeting love. Hibiscus attracts true love or a true mate. They shouldn't be given lightly but should be worn regularly to enhance your chances of true love.

Adam & Eve Roots

I know, I didn't believe this was real at first either. But believe or not, the Adam & Eve Roots is an actual thing and it comes from the orchid. Orchids themselves are beautiful and luxurious flowers but the most powerful part of them lies underneath it all (similar to people).

The Eve Root is rounded while Adam Root is pointed (sound familiar?). Carrying them both in a love-drawing satchel can draw a lover to you. It can encourage marriage proposals and even allow you to outshine love rivals. However, if you're already in a relationship, having each of you carry one root can ensure fidelity and happiness.

Now, keep in mind, these are not mind-altering herbs that will magically turn your life into a fairytale. But, they will enhance your heart chakra and your sacral chakra (which will be covered in another post). Remember, you don't need a romantic partner on Valentine's Day. That wasn't even the original purpose of the holiday and it wasn't even called Valentine's Day originally. Hopefully, these herbs to attract love do their job and bring you happiness.

Happy Valentine's Day from Svanah Beauty.

Valentine's Day Special: Herbs to Attract Love was written, edited, and researched by Emmalie Roberts. For more about the holistic approach, check out our homepage.

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