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Holistic Beauty Tips

The idea of having a holistic lifestyle is summed up by being as natural as possible. Just because this is the case doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup or feel pretty or have a complicated skincare routine. Holistic beauty means using the most natural products to keep yourself healthy and happy. You can have a wonderful makeup, skincare, and hair routine that makes you feel and look fabulous. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can do that.

What Is Holistic Beauty?

It can be described as a natural glow you take on when you embrace a holistic lifestyle. It can also translate into using holistic natural beauty products to achieve a better and more radiant glow. Finding those natural products can be very difficult And implementing a natural beauty routine can also be difficult.

Let me give you a few holistic beauty tips about how to maintain lovely skin, hair, and style.

Natural Acne Remedies

Skin care is very important to reduce inflammation, acne, and overly dry or oily skin. However, there are herbs and natural products that can reduce the risk of all of those. I’m going to tell you how to use them efficiently.


Garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-septic because of the allicin that it contains. Allicin particularly helps in killing the bacteria that causes acne.

How To Use It:

Using it in oil form can be affective. Use a few drops of garlic oil in a mud pack and apply the paste to your face for 10 minutes. Once the time passes, rinse it off with cold water.

Green Tea:

Green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate, research has shown that it can improve acne and oily skin. This polyphenol can help in breaking the cycle of hormonal acne, bacterial growth, and clogged pores.

How To Use It:

Mixing green tea and honey will make your skin LOVE you. Here’s how you do it:

  • Steep 1 green tea back in hot water for 3 minutes

  • Let it cool and cut open the bag to extract the leaves

  • Add the honey to the leaves

  • Wash your face with a facial cleanser and pat it dry

  • Apply your honey and tea mixture to your face for 20 minutes

  • Rinse with cool water and pat dry

If you do this 3-4 times a week, you’ll see a change.

A green tea facial mist twice a day can soothe your skin, minimize redness, and treat existing acne.

Tea Tree Oil:

This oil is extracted from the leaves of an Australian tree called Melaleuca Alternifolia. It fights bacteria and reduces inflammation. Specifically, it fights off the bacteria that causes pimples.

How To Use It:

Combine 1 part tea tree oil and 9 parts water. Apply this mixture directly to your pimples with a swab and moisturize after if desired. Doing this once or twice a day will spot treat your acne and kill that nasty bacteria.

Dry Skin Aides

Dry skin can be awful. You drink water and moisturize regularly but you still have dry skin. Let’s talk about natural ways to help.

Skip The Hot Showers:

I do admit, hot showers feel amazing and you can feel amazing afterwards but what if I told you that it isn’t helping your skin? Really hot showers dry out your skin to no end. However, if you limit your number of hot showers and mostly take warm showers, using natural gentle soap, you’ll see a difference.

An Exfoliation Routine:

Sugar or salt scrubs will remove dead skin cells while creating fresh skin that is more likely to absorbs moisturizers. I suggest making these scrubs yourself. There are plenty of homemade recipes you can make for a fraction of the cost of those expensive store bought scrubs. This’ll also ensure that you know exactly what’s in the scrub and keep it completely Earth friendly.


We all know that moisturizing is amazing for dry skin. But, don’t apply your lotions and such when your skin is already dry. Do your routine fresh out of the shower or bath, it’ll lock in the moisture and get your skin soft and feel great.


Now, if you can’t afford lotion or can’t make a trip right away. Use milk. Yeah, that’s right. I said milk. If your skin feels itchy, you can dip a washcloth in milk and apply it to your skin for 5 minutes. Milk contains lactic acid that is great for soothing skin. If your feeling royal, you can take a milk and honey bath like Cleopatra used to do more less extravagantly. Add 2 cups of milk and 1/4 cup of honey to your bath and enjoy.

Natural Remedies for Oily Skin

Oily skin feels gross and increases your risk of acne. This is awful. So let’s fix that.

Wash Your Face:

This is super obvious but many people with oily skin don’t go through a daily face cleaning routine. Don’t overdo it and avoid harsh products,


Honey is amazing and I love it. It is an essential ingredient for any household. It’s an anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Spread a thin layer of raw honey on your face, let it dry for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. The humectants in it will draw the oil from your skin without replacing it.


Ground almonds can help in skin exfoliation while sopping up the gross oils on your skin. Use 3 teaspoons of ground almonds and mix it with 2 tablespoons of raw honey. Now apply it to your face in gentle circular motions then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Hair Treatments

Hair is tricky because everyone has different hair textures and colors. So l looked into it and I have pulled out from the depths of my mind, a few essential hair treatments that your can try out.

Black Tea:

While green tea helps your skin, black tea can help your hair. It can especially help if your hair looks dull. It revitalizes the shine of those locks. Brew some tea and let it cool then pour it onto your hair, letting it sit for 10 minutes. Wash it out then rejoice.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider vinegar can repair dry hair and increase the shine. Using it in a hair mask with avocado, argon oil, and rosemary oil from root to tip for 15 minutes will rejuvenate your hair. You can do this at least once a month to maintain your hair health. Don’t forget to wash the mask out thoroughly with shampoo and warm water.


Eggs can transform every type of hair. Don’t cook the eggs, use them raw. For regular hair, use full eggs for conditioner, eggs whites only for oily hair, and egg yolks for dry and brittle hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes then shampoo it out with cool water to prevent your eggs from cooking in your hair. (GROSS!!)

Holistic Style

Using these methods will increase sustainability and reduce Earth harming productions. We’re talking about clothes!


This is a very common form of buying clothes holistically. You’ll be getting second-hand clothes that you can thoroughly wash and repair yourself. If you like a certain pattern or style but don’t like something else, you can alter it to your liking. This will not only decrease your carbon footprint, but you can also learn a new skill that’ll help you in everyday life.


It’ll be similar to thrifting but you’ll be getting clothes from family members and/or friends. This is great if you like someones style and they’re getting rid of clothes you like. It actually works both ways too. If you’re getting rid of older clothes, you can see if any of your friends or family members want something. I do this all the time and only buy new things when I absolutely need to like undergarments. It’s not hard and I make many sweet outfits with them.

Holistic beauty can seem a little difficult at first but you may find that it’s much easier than you think once you actually get into it. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you maintain that beautiful glow of yours while practicing an Earth-loving method because you and this planet are worth it.

Holistic Beauty Tips was written, researched, and edited by Emmalie Roberts. For more articles, check out our blog page, here, and don't forget to follow us on social media, here, for daily tips, tricks, and reminders for your path to holistic health.

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