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How Svanah Box can help you achieve healthy skin!

Good skin is not always a blessing, it mostly depends on your schedule and beauty routine. Apart from your eating habits, the kind of products you use has everything to do with how your skin looks! Caring for your skin can be very simple till the time you know what you’re doing is right for it.

At Svanah Beauty, we’ve made our Svanah Box fit into your everyday beauty regime by helping you understand what suits your skin the best. Once you order our box, we will keep on switching the products till the time you find your perfect match and are satisfied with its care.

Here are a few things that will come in our Svanah Box for your skincare routine.

Bath Bombs:-

Bath bombs will help you soften your skin and moisturize deeply, the beneficial and natural ingredients in the bath bombs that come in the Svanah Box, it will leave your skin soft, supple and very silky. It will cleanse your skin and will pamper it by making it feel velvety and youthful!

Face Serums:-

This amazing product can help you make your skin look brighter, reduce blemishes and hydrate the signs of ageing. They get absorbed in your skin, it is best to use them after cleansing.

Face Mask Sheets:-

A sheet would quickly absorb all the moisture that it has to give, it will penetrate deep into the skin and outperform the effects of traditional serum by helping you achieve excellent, soft, supple and smooth skin!

Hand Cream:-

Hand cream should be a must-have essential for your bag, it will help you hydrate your skin and protect it throughout the year.

Applying hand cream every often will help your skin be very soft and prevent it from being cracked. It is important for the ones who have dry skin and constantly keep washing their hands.

These products and much more are carefully curated in a box for you and the health of your skin, the best part about the products you found in Svanah Beauty is they all are cruelty-free and will give you a skincare routine that you will vouch for!

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