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The ugly truth of nail extensions

It is a scene all over the US & Canada where there are more than 1,152 places to get your nails done. In New York alone there are 4,100 nail salons that attract women all summer long. There are so many women with great looking sandals who are settled into massage chairs, dipping their feet into warm, bubbly water and the nail technician strips an old polish with harsh chemical-based acetone. Later they shape the nails into tidy squares, ovals or any other shape the clients desired. Then paint it with fresh colours from small cute pots that contain so many dangerous organic solvents.

The entire procedure sounds so nice, but eventually, it is very harmful to the skin of our nail!

We are sharing this information with you not because we are against Nail Polish or even making your hands look pretty, but we are only against harmful chemicals.

Sometime back, the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Lung Association had released a joint pamphlet related to asthma risk for hairstylists and nail technicians. In this pamphlet, they targeted formaldehyde, artificial nails and human nail filings as the biggest causes and triggers of occupational asthma in nail salons. Some of the risk-reduction advice is already at play in various salons around the city. Many of them use spring-loaded bottles for polish remover, which reduce the number of vapours that escape into the air. But other suggestions seem like a long shot: Tilted, ventilated tables, for example, cost thousands of dollars each.

Artificial nails often contain methacrylate, a chemical that is banned in Canada, but still found in many salons because it's cheaper than its alternatives. It can cause the technician numbness and pain.

All this risk just to make your hands look beautiful?

At Svanah Beauty, we believe that beauty shouldn’t cost your health and even the environment for that matter, hence we urge you to skip such harmful practices and activities and instead stick to healthy, organic and non-toxic ways to make your nails look even more pretty.

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