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Treating Yourself The Simple Way

Sometimes, you just need treat yourself and why not do it naturally and holistically? You don’t need anything fancy to feel good and take care of yourself. This is also to remind you that you are worth treating yourself. Whether you follow our tips or do it your own way, just remember that you deserve it. Without further delay, let’s talk about treating yourself the simple way.

Go Walking

Walking is a wonderful way to get your blood pumping, body moving, skin soaking in Vitamin D. Listen to your favorite playlist as you walk and put that phone on do not disturb. Allow yourself to wander and explore your surroundings.

Keep A Journal

I say this every time for a reason. Writing out everything that you’re feeling, whether on paper or on a computer, is good. It’s liberating to just have them out there and out of your head. Often time, when they’re negative, I write them on paper then burn that paper like a little cleansing for your heart.

Let It Out

This may sound counterintuitive but hear me out. Take as much time as you need and just cry. Sometimes that’s what you need and that’s okay. Crying is natural and helpful. Naps after a good cry session are so cozy. Once you wake up, you’ll feel loads and loads better.

Similarly, if you‘re angry and it’s bubbling up inside you then let it out. Go outside and just scream your lungs out into the ether. Releasing your emotions like this has the same, if not a better, effect as writing it all out. So scream, cry, laugh, curse. Do whatever it is you need to feel better.


I express this from personal experience, when you create something to express yourself, the world feels so much better. So write something, sculpt it, paint it, knit it, do something to create and express. It is the best feeling in the entire world to see the things you create out of your emotions and even better when other people like them.


The relaxing technique of mindful meditation can help you focus, be aware of your thoughts, then let them go. You must be full present in the moment while being completely non-judgmental of yourself. You can start with beginner’s guided meditation.


Turn every non-essential device off. It saves energy and it gives you time to just be. Decompress from NEWS, socials, and just general interactions. Nobody will blame you if you don’t answer their calls for a little bit of time.


After a hard time, spaces can get unorganized and cluttered. So move your furniture around and clean up! Do your laundry, the dishes, eat something, reorganize, and get your space the way you want it. Have it open and clean so you can feel better.

A Message From Svanah Beauty

Here at Svanah, we know that there are dark times, times where you don’t think you’re worth it. But, I’m here to tell you right now that that is not true. You are valid. The way you express yourself is valid and I promise that people love you for you. You are worth every ounce of appreciation and love you get.

If, perchance, you are not getting love, then this is a message of love to you:

You are beautiful.

You are creative.

You are kind.

You are funny.

You are you and that’s the best thing to be.

Even if you don’t know who you are right now, that’s okay. Even if you are broken, beaten, and Bruised, that’s okay. It’s okay to not know and it’s okay to be looking. Your path is not similar to someone else. Your path is yours and you do not have to journey alone.

Treating Yourself the Simple Way was researched, written, and edited by Emmalie Roberts. For more articles, check out our blog page, here, and don't forget to follow us on social media, here, for daily tips, tricks, and reminders for your path to holistic health.

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