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Ultimate List of Crystals

Last time, I told you guys why crystals work, how they’ve influenced cultures, and how science has proved that their properties work. Now that you’ve got all the critical information to make a decision as to whether or not you want to start using crystals. If you’ve decided to dip your toe into the pool of crystals, great! I have the ultimate list of crystals and how they might help your day to day life.

The Ultimate List of Crystals

Abalone (ah-buh-loan)

The Ears of the Sea

Used for: calming, soothing, and healing

This crystals is meant to shield the holder from waves of negativity. It’s soothing energy is full of peace, beauty, love, and compassion. Native Americans believed it to be a sacred shell and used it with sage to carry messages to Heaven. Many wear it when they’re in need of guidance in a relationship.

Agate (uh-Gaye-te)

The Stabilizer

Used for: stability, grounding, and support

This crystal is used when you feel as if your life is constantly out of balance. It slowly helps you build up your strengths while diminishing your weaknesses through acceptance. Paired with increased confidence and concentration, agate makes focusing on the positive aspects of life much easier. This way, you can heal from mistakes and achieve harmony.

Amazonite (a-much-zon-ite)

The Playmate

Used for: fluidity, playfulness, and optimism

When your mind is polluted with toxicity and negativity, you can clean it up with this crystal. More often than to, pain we feel can create energy blocks within your system and can manifest in the difficulty of self-expression in relationships or even creative slumps. However, by using amazonite to flood your heart and throat chakras with loving energy, you can release the pain and better express yourself.

Amethyst (am-uh-thi-st)

The Intuitive Third Eye

Used for: trust, intuition, and spirituality

This crystal is like a spa day for your energy. It’s relaxing energy is perfect after a long day and will allow contentment to soothe the daily struggles. It works with the third eye and crown chakras to help your body give into desires like relaxation and sound sleep. Though, it also works with your third eye in balancing your mind with insightful solutions to problems.

Angel Aura Quartz

Used for: happiness, beauty, and joy

This gorgeous crystal can inspire fairytale whimsy with its rainbow vibes. It’s made by treating quarts with platinum. The infusion creates a stunning spectrum while brightening the aura with impressive energy. You can use it in cleansing and amplifying your spirit thus relieving stress to manifest a brighter reality. It’s a warm smile in crystal form.


Used for: understanding, calming, and comfort

This crystal is for reminding you that you are not alone. It can comfort and support you in times of difficulty by reassuring you that it is okay to ask for help. Working with angel it’s helps relieve anger, tension, and stress while it facilitates forgiveness thus stimulating the healing process.


Increase Your Appetite for Life

Used for: inspiration, satisfaction, and motivation

When you use apatite, you’ll find that your appetite for life, passionate pursuits and creative endeavors are nearly insatiable. The overwhelming yet exhilarating energy of this crystal can reawaken a sense of clarity that lights a path to self-expression. Working with this energy helps you recognize ambitions as well as chase them with vigor.


The Spiritual Advisor

Used for: uplifting, joy, and purification

Anxiety can be an ever growing weight and obstacle in life and if it’s ignored then it can take over. Apophyllite will help you be proactive against anxiety by pinpointing the destructiveness with a calming energy. It can help in getting rid of repressed emotions, negative patterns, and overactive thoughts by redirecting your attention from the mind to the body. This crystal can cleanse your crown and third eye chakras as you devote your attention to exhaling negativity and inhaling peace.


The Tranquilizer

Used for: fluidity, soothing, and going with the flow

You can ride the waves of positivity with aquamarine. The water-like stone can wash away your stress to help you achieve closure, major life changes, and achieve a higher consciousness. Aquamarine makes room in your soul for peace Nd tranquility. It protects the psyche from dark vibrations and negative behaviral patterns. The easy essence accompanies the smooth flowing energy of aquamarine. It will gently bring rejuvination and renewal for the body, mind, and spirit.


Used for: release, anger, and breakthrough

This cluster of crystals can facilitate the release of negative energy, anxiety, fear, and anger. Aragonite Star Clusters have energy that flow outward to beam rays of love and light in every direction. Holding one of these crystals can help you to connect to Earth while you stabilize your emotions.


The Manifester

Used for: good luck, manifestation, optimism

Lady Luck has got nothing on aventurine and is even referred to as a gambler’s stone. However, this stone is helpful for everyone. A gamble can look less like a game and more like a fork in the road, when you have to choose between security and risk. Aventurine connects with the heart chakra, gracing the spirit with confidence that may make you want to jump out of your comfort zone in a less scary way.


The Wizard

Used for: expanding, empowerment, and wisdom

Despite it’s name, Azure can bless you with an energy that makes you feel anything but blue. This stone is often referred to as the “Stone of the Heavens” because it aids in the pursuit of your heavenly self. Many believe that it can awaken psychic abilities. This’ll help you recognize intuition and spiritual guidance. Azure also relieves and calms mental stress as well as helps you clear your mind to dissolve blocked energy.

Black Kyanite

Used for: cutting cords and removing negativity

Legend has it that the Archangel Micheal carried a sword of Kyanite. Its powerful energy will help you cut through ties ties and negative emotions as well as protect your energy field from energy vampires. Energy vampires are people who always seem to drain your energy. Kyanite will also protect you from the relationships and people who try to eat away at your positive vibrations while giving you nothing in return.

Black Tourmaline

Force Field Protector

Used for: protection, security, and stress relief

Not even the worst kind of energy downer can burst your bubble when you are under the protection of this crystal. Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for eliminating and protecting against negative energy. It will help you put up energetic boundaries between you and others so you don’t have to pick up unwanted energies. When you place one of these crystals in all four corners of a room, it will seal it in a protective shield that can dispel low vibrational energy.


The Coach

Used for: courage, vitality, and energizing

With this revitalizing energy, you can get your blood pumping. Much like a coach, this crystal can fill you with a surge of self-esteem, energy, courage, and protection to enjoy living in the now. Bloodstone is of both physical and creative movement. It stimulates the root chakra to get the energy flowing in your mind, spirit, and mind. The pure, upbeat energy of the crystal can help you make the most out of every moment.

Blue Lace Agate

Truth Serum

Used for: anxiety relief, soothing, and calming

Did you know that fear of confrontation and fear of public speaking go hand in hand? It can clog up your throat chakra but the calming energy of Blue Lace Agate can help you speak your truth. You can let its blue hues soothe anxiety and calm your spirit. This stone will promote insightful, articulate, and authentic dialogue. Like the Beatles, bring in the good vibrations and positivity with Blue Lace Agate.


The Earth Shield

Used for: grounding, protection, and stabilization

The properties of this crystal will stick a huge “Return to Sender” sticker on bad vibes. Bronzite wil stimulate your chakras field so your chakras continue to function at their highest potential. If your energy feels depleted, Bronzite will give you the energy to fight through it while shielding you from anything you need.


This Too Shall Pass

Used for: openness, cleansing, and purity

Green Calcite will help you create the energy of abundance so your intentions can blossom into reality. Used this so you can grow a brighter future through mental fortitude, spiritual balance, and enhanced communication. If you’ve ever been in a comfortable rut, this crystal can help you break that cycle to bring a positive transformation.


The Artist

Used for: creativity, confidence, and passion

This stone is the absolute life of the party. The energy from Carnelian motivates a rush of vibrancy to the sacral chakra thus stimulating your inner star. By tapping into the crystal‘s properties, you will be lent the powers to prove especially beneficial for anyone looking to breakthrough creative blocks or start new projects and ambitions.


Cosmic Lullaby

Used for: sweet dreams, soothing and calming

Celestite, despite having high-vibe energies, will help soothe you and your ability to reconcile from the anxiety of difficult relationships and unfamiliar situations. By using this calm approach, you will be better equipped to handle whatever you’re given in life.


It Is All About New Beginnings

Used for: starting over, motivation, and inspiration

This crystal possesses the energy your free spirit needs to stop day dreaming about adventures and actually do something to make it happen. Chrysocolla has an energy inspired by willpower, confidence, tranquility, and creativity. You’ll feel motivated to transform your dreams and future ambitions into present realities. You can use this crystal for new beginnings so you can be on your way to a happy ending and it is a wonderful tool for spiritual transformation.


The Receiver

Used for: positivity, opening the heart, optimism

You can end the pattern of denial and confront the truths of the world with the energy of this crystal. Through the mix of compassion and the abandonment of petty judgements, the properties of Chrysoprase will create a mindset to get you ready to take on any harsh truth. The kindness and love that radiates from this crystal will give your heart and sacral chakras a more optimistic and insightful point of view.


The Light Maker

Used for: happiness, joy, and light

The essence of this crystal can be described as sweet and sunny. It’s attitude cultivates fertile energy for growth. It’ll energize your solar plexus chakra to radiate centeredness, power, endurance, and confidence. Citrine is one of the few stones that doesn’t absorb the negative energy but clears it out. By clearing it, you’ll make room for happiness and light for your spirit to open up to positive possibilities.

Clear Quartz

Crystal Clarity

Used for: clarity, focus, and manifestation

This is the rockstar among crystals. Every crystal holder must have this crystal. It does share its spotlight though. Clear Quartz is for those who need illumination as it brings clarity to shadows that lurk within the mind. It links to all chakras, being a universal healer, and brings about balance & harmony. It is unlike any other crystal with its ability to be programmed for manifestation. Clear Quartz will help you manifest your intentions by elevating thoughts and perspective.


Used for: emotional healing, heart opening, and trust

The energy that flows from epidote will allow you to see the positives of situations while generating more hope for the future. Its energy encourages you to make changes that you need to make for your intentions to come to life.


The Rainbow Keeper

Used for: peace, bliss, and calming

By embracing the energy of fluorite, you can flow right into sweet dreams. It can guide you from a state of anxiety while bringing about one of tranquility. It can do this by cleansing both your environment and your mind. Fluorite is an absorbent crystal that can neutralize all of the negativity around you and your environment. The rainbow colors can spiritually cleanse and fill you with joy, happiness, and peace. I recommend meditating and/or sleeping near Fluorite ensures mental harmony and clarity.


The Fairy Stone

Used for: happiness, miracles, and blessings

This is also known as the healer’s stone since tapping into the magical and restorative essence of this crystal is like sprinkling fairy dust all over your emotional wounds. While this energy is gentle with your emotions, it also has no problem about breaking down and resetting unhealthy mental constructs in order to heal those emotions. Fuchsite will infuse you with the love, sense of independence, and self-worth that you deserve and with it you can ease the sting of any realizations.


The Energizer

Used for: passion, energy, and health

Garnet encourages you to go out and smell the roses by arousing the life force or chi from within the physical body. It can clear out energy blockages from the body that may be preventing you from living life to the fullest.

Golden Healer Quartz

Used for: grounding, willpower, and resolutions

This crystal is also known as Hermatoid Quartz since it forms when Quartz and Hematite come together. This sweet hybrid will rejuvenate your sense of motivation, open your eyes to new possibilities, and brighten your outlook. It’s the perfect stone for bringing New Year resolutions to life.


Golden Stardust

Used for: confidence, light, and empowerment

This is also a combo crystal as it’s made with Quartz and Sand Glass And infused with copper particles to give it a shimmer. The shine from it represents how light can always be found in the darkness. It’ll remind you of your inner light and ability to shine. Goldstone can also deflect unwanted energies. You’ll also find that it is highly regarded in the spiritual realm as a powerful material.


Ground into the Earth

Used for: grounding, focus, and centering

Hematite is the friend that will tell you like it is. If you feel like your life is spinning out of control or you’re constantly replaying everything that’s going on in your mind, this crystal will give you a reality check. It’ll get you out of your own mind and back to Earth. It’s energy focuses on your body while teaching you to do the same. Use Hematite to connect to your root chakra to stay grounded and just be.


Used for: eliminating debt, breaking patterns, and overcoming fears

This is one of the best crystals for getting out of financial debt By taking charge of your finances. Now, it’s not going to fix the problem for you but it’ll help you get the motivation to take charge and push yourself to make better decisions while taking on new challenges.


Lucky Charm

Used for: wealth, success, and wisdom

Jade is really good for bringing luck so many wear it on first dates and job interviews. By awakening your third eye, this gorgeous stone can wake you up to prosperity and abundance. The ancient wisdom that Jade possesses can lend an insightful energy to modern day problems. Through instilling a sense of peace and purity, this stone can guide the spirit until it has clear vision of who you truly are meant to be.

K2 Stone

Used for: intuition, wisdom, and enlightenment

With K2, you can reach the highest peak of your spiritual potential. Coupling it with stabilizing granite and the spiritual ascending energy of azurite, K2 can help you establish that same harmony in your body and mind. You can learn how to survive rough terrain with the endurance and awareness that K2 Stone can lend you.


The Magician

Used for: cosmic, destiny, and curiosity

The magical energy and sparks of neon will illuminate the path to your destiny. This is a stone of magic and curiosity. By wearing or holding this crystal, you can tap into a higher state of consciousness. It’s also a protection stone to keep your body grounded while letting you explore the expanded states of the universe. The way Labradorite connects to and heals all the chakras will boost your mental and spiritual power. It opens you up by forcing you to become self-aware.

Lapis Lazuli

The Wisdom Keeper

Used for: truth, awareness, and wisdom

With the high vibrational energy of this crystal, you can realize your spiritual potential. Lazuli will infuse you with wisdom and awareness so your soul can embark on a journey of awakening. You’ll strive toward enlightenment as you pursue your true destiny while leaving stress and pettiness behind you. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone meant to broaden your understanding. It should be used by those having issues with self-awareness and expression.

Lemurian Quartz

The Stairway to Heaven

Used for: new ideas, serenity, and wisdom

This epic stone is a treasure trove of wisdom. Lemurian Quartz has sacred messages and symbols that are symbolized in unique horizontal lines and grooves as well as an abstract pattern similar to the hieroglyphic of the Ancient Egyptians.


Sweet Dreams

Used for: peace, tranquility, and restful sleep

By using transformatIonal energy, Lepodite can help you recognize where you want to be in life as well as what you need to change in order to get there. This crystal can guide you from the chaotic stages of your life toward calm times of progress and positivity. It allows transitions to be a bit easier to handle through the spread of balanced and tranquil energy.


The Transformer

Used for: openness, love, and transformation

This is the crystal you go to when you need unfiltered relationship advice. It cleanses the chakras while bringing you to a realization about what’s not working. Malachite is one of the most powerful transformational crystals for the heart. It can provide emotional balance that can encourage taking action to remove the negative patterns that may plague your life.


The Adventurer

Used for: beauty, adventure, and grounding

When you allow Mookaite to spiritually guide you, you’ll start embracing your wanderlust as it points you in the direction of adventure. With its energy, you can awaken your true potential and pursue the passions you might have put on hold. The willpower of this stone stimulates the solar plexus and root chakras to arouse a desire to explore new activities. The exciting yet comforting energy is great for traveling.


The Destiny Maker

Used for: divinity, balance, and tenderness

I’m sure you’ve seen the absolute gorgeousness that is this stone. It is thought to bring lovers closer together. This magical stone connects you to your divine feminist and inner Goddess. Moonstone helps you unlock the energy of the moon that lives within you to keep you in a more balanced state. It guides you to help you do what’s necessary to become more balanced, healthy, an in sync. This stone is the light in the darkness.


The Mirror

Used for: self-reflection, protection, and growth

This crystal makes facing the good, the bad, and the ugly just a little bit easier. Obsidian forces you to accept your true self in a very whole way. Working with it will help you cut the stress and negative patterns from your life by first bringing the to your attention, and thus absorbing the toxic energy.


Let It All Go

Used for: protection, release, and calm

By adopting the energy of this stone, you’ll be able to breathe easier, get balance, confidence, and protection to take whatever step you need to take next. Onyx will allow you to see what is weighing you down and release it from your life. It fortifies your decision making skills and the prolonged use of Onyx encourages you to stop concentrating on the tight rope you walk on or the potential to fall by urging you to look forward at the bright future before you.

Ocean Jasper

Go With The Flow

Used for: nurturing, happiness, peace

This crystal can help you detox from life stress and allow the energy of the stone to assuage your overburdened mind with positive vibes. The high vibe energy can help you return to your natural state of joy. By embracing and enjoying your journey with others, you can let the happiness be the current you let flow in. Ocean Jasper will help you avoid the crash of difficulties by lending you the insight to peacefully navigate around them.

Peridot Vitamin D

Used for: happiness, effervescence, and joy

Green with envy? We don’t know her when we use Peridot. This stone of light helps you ditch the toxic emotions of espouse, spite, and stress by replacing them with insight, confidence, and a radiant sense of purpose. This beautiful energy will shine through you. As its energy washes over you with powerful cleansing properties, you’ll be left feeling lighter.

Phantom Quartz

Push the Limits

Used for: growth, transformation, and evolution

The energy of this stone will help you through your spiritual journey. Working with Phantom Quartz can help you transition from one phase of life to the next. Its transformational power is strong and ideal for anyone going through major life changes.

Pink Opal

Used for: emotional healing, hope, and love

This is a powerful stone for emotional healing, healing matters of the heart, and emotional balance. If you’re healing from a heart break, the loss of a loved one, or a break up, Pink Opal will help to bring resolution to painful memories by holding and meditating with it. It will in turn fill your aura with peaceful energies.


Attracting Wealth

Used for: protection, wealth, and success

Pyrite is often referred to as “Fool’s Gold” because it looks like the real thing. While it won’t buy you fancy things, it is a metaphysical treasure that attracts wealth and abundance. It is also believed that Pyrite holds a strong protective energy. It’ll make you more aware by showing you the behaviors that you are holding back and thus making you a lot more self-aware & spots the things you need to change in order to vibrate the intention of abundance at the same frequency as Pyrite.

Rainbow Obsidian

Used for: letting go, resilience, and healing

This is a very helpful stone to those wishing to process a pain and move on from it. Rainbow Obsidian allows you to reflect, learn, and work through your emotions which are usually overlooked in this day and age.

Red Jasper

The Nurturer

Used for: centering, grounding, and nurturing

Red Jasper is the warm reassuring hug that you need. Its comforting essence and grounding energy supports you when stress is tearing you down. The healing properties bring stability to your spirit and body by balancing your root chakra. Jasper is the supreme nurturer that soothes the mind of anxiety so you can focus on other things. Its encouragement will help you take on new pursuits, approach problems with creative solutions, and deal with conflicts.


The Compassionate Cheerleader

Used for: worthiness, compassion, and love

I say that you deserve to be treated lovingly and that you are worth it, this stone can help you realize that self-worth as it combats feelings of inadequacy. Rhodochrosite helps you to realize and accept yourself by radiating love and joy. It’ll be your cheerleader, infusing into your heart chakra with courage and positivity so that you can take on new challenges.


Rescue Me

Used for: emotional healing, forgiveness, and love

When you’re experiencing waves of turmoil in your spiritual body, this crystal urges your heart to keep calm and keep moving. It allows you to tame the emotional sea with love, insight, and grounding. It’s meant to open and expand your heart to realize the infinite possibilities of life. Rhodonite inspires the discovery of new passions, the attraction of a more fulfilling kind of love, and the boosting of humanitarian efforts.


The Rainforest Stone

Used for: creativity, change, and positivity

If the past in haunting your present thoughts, this crystal can tap into your inner zen and stop you from thinking about “back then”. This self-esteem boosting energy that Rhyolite fosters helps with acceptance and emotional release. Its profound wisdom helps you see your past through new lenses so you can take the lessons you learn to create positive changes for your future. The warmth of this stone fills you with self love, hope, and joy.

Rose Quartz

The Love Magnet

Used for: forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion

The universe love of this stone will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you may need. Pulses flushed with compassion, forgiveness, peace, and happiness will flow through you as Rose Quartz assists you in releasing those nasty toxic emotions so your spirit can live freely from it.

Rutilated Quartz

The Illuminator

Used for: energy, strength, and clarity

Working with this crystal’s energy is especially helpful for those who tend to hold grudges, frustrations, and resentment. Its needle-like rutiles filters out the negativity so that only the purest of vibes get through. With the support of this energy, you will bring issues to surface to deal with then properly. In doing so, you will relieve yourself from the stress, fear, and anxiety to move on to a better day.


Liquid Light

Used for: cleansing, light, and protection

Selenite has a pure, high vIrrational energy that can brighten everyone and everything‘s energy as it flows through your space. It has the ability to align, purify, and cleanse you with your highest potential. By raising your vibrational energy, you can be kept from the extreme tolls of grief, fear, anxiety, and anger.


The Neutralizer

Used for: grounding, digital detox, and protection

Now, this pretty stone has been around for about 2 billion years but it wasn’t until 1996 that researchers discovered antioxidant fullerenes in the stone. This woke up the public to its healing properties. Now, it‘s the go-to stone for electromagnetic field purification, protection, and detoxification of the body. It also has general healing and emotional properties.


The Regenerator

Used for: luck, healing, and regeneration

This crystal helps in clearing out and releasing the dense areas of the chakras so healing can occur. It serves as a gentle reminder that your life is what you make it. Use Serpentine to manifest and attract anything you may want in life whether it be prosperity, emotional healing, love, or abundance.

Smoky Quartz

Leave Your Baggage Behind

Used for: surrendering, grounding, and letting go

This energy will NOT let you sit in a stuffy room and mope. It helps you get up, draw open the curtains to positive light, and open the windows to let you air out negativity. Working with it helps in overcoming things like stress, anger, jealousy, fear, and even depression. By elevating your mood, Smoky Quartz will keep your balanced mood maintaineD.


The Harmonizer

Used for: harmony, communication, and trust

The energies of self-esteem, trust, and acceptance will have motivated to keep or get grounded. This harmony-inducing stone can help in reestablishing the connection between the body and the higher mind by releasing the fears and tensions held in both. The encouraging energy strengthens bonds with others and brings about balance in every area of your life. This stone is also powerful for tapping into your sixth sense.


The Seductress

Used for: effervescence, sensuality, and creativity

This crystal can breathe life into your creative spirit by promoting vitality, energy, and creativity. The effervescent energy can remind you of the joy of creating that’s meant to inspire. Sunstone nourishes the sacral chakra to help in breeding confidence, leadership, and power.

Tiger’s Eye

The Shape Shifter

Used for: good luck, inspiration, and perspective

With the ability to bestow primal power and fierce focus, this crystal can shift your outlook to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. By connecting to the solar plexus and sacral chakra, you will be grounded to the power within and pursue the ventures you dream about.

Tourmalinated Quartz

The Remover of Obstacles

The pillars in this crystal serve as reminders that we all have strength within us. These pillars are there to lean on when we feel weak. With the protection of Tourmanlinated coupled with the clarity and energy purification of Quartz, you’ll feel encouraged to conquer self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts. It’s all about recognizing your power to deal or solve any life problems.

Tree Agate

Put Down Spiritual Roots

Used for: Earthing, abundance, and grounding

Tree Agate can ease relationship problems relating to children and is a highly supportive stone that can boost your immune system While regulating the water in your body. Tree Afate can also clear energy blockages in your Nadis, or the energy channels, for greater energy flows throughout your body.


The Master Healer

Used for: health, protection, and wisdom

The Native American cultures believe this to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth as it provides a path to your vibrational highest self. It is also believes that Turquoise can connect the mind to the infinite possibilities to the universe. It is a throat chakra stone that helps in fostering honesty and open communication.


Used for: release, positivity, and openness

This stones help in guiding you to your place of grounded power. Dissipating your negative energy allows Unakite to enhance your energy field. It can especially help in the healing of emotional pain so you can let go and begin moving forward. Unakite can also amplify your current spirituality.

And there you have! A full list of crystals as well as their properties. Hopefully, this helps you to find the perfect crystal to use and when to use it. Remember to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals (I do it once a week) and always have one on your person. Have fun crystal hunting!

Ultimate List of Crystals was written, researched, and edited by Emmalie Roberts . For more articles, check out our blog page, here, and don't forget to follow us on social media, here, for daily tips, tricks, and reminders for your path to holistic health.

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