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Understanding The Chakras of the World

If you've seen a movie or not been under a rock, you've at least heard of chakras before. They're part of everyone and happen to affect you differently depending on whether they are all aligned or not. The chakras of the world need to be understood so you can keep them aligned and maintain your spiritual pillar. So let's understand the chakras of the world.

What Are Chakras?

In the simplest of terms, chakras are energy. Specifically, they are areas of energy running down your whole body. From the tippy top of your head to your feet. There are many different chakras but today, we'll be talking about the main seven. We're going to talk about what they are and a few mantras associating with each.

So let's start from the top.

The Seventh Chakra: Crown

The seventh of the chakras of the world is called the 'Crown" because it rests just above your head like a crown.

Color: Violet

Location: Top of your head

Surrounds: Consciousness

Other Name: Sahasrara "Thousand-Petaled"

Mantras: "I am awake." "I am aware." "I am connected to the divine."

Why is it important?

This chakra is important because it represents finding your soul's purpose. When this chakra is activated, you have found that purpose. This energy is supplied by the other chakras so having the others aligned and activated will align and activate your crown. Through this alignment, you will find enlightenment.

The Sixth Chakra: Third Eye

This energy is called the third eye because it rests in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes. Its goal is to free your mind.

Color: Indigo

Location: Middle of your forehead

Surrounds: Inner vision, insight, imagination, and clarity of thoughts

Other Name: Ajna "Perceiving"

Mantras: "I am limitless." "I am focused." "My mind is steady."

Why is it important?

When this chakra is activated, you'll feel steady and focused, as though everything you're seeing is from a higher perspective. You will see beyond ego and petty fears & worries. Sometimes, you can experience visions from past lives, have lucid dreams, and feel in touch with your "sixth sense".

The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it's called the Throat because it's in your throat and it's about finding your voice.

Color: Blue

Location: The throat

Surrounds: Self-expression

Other Name: Vishuddha “Especially Pure”

Mantra: "I communicate." "I listen to the sound of my breath." "My song rises."

Why is it important?

Having a voice and gaining that self-expression will balance this chakra, making you feel empowered to communicate and speak your truth. When your throat is aligned and balanced you may feel inspired to sing or write, anyway that you can express and communicate your story and truth.

The Fourth Chakra: Heart

The heart is in the middle of your heart. It's about being compassionate, listening to your heart.

Color: Green

Location: In the middle of your heart

Surrounds: Compassion

Other Name: Anahata "Unstuck"

Mantra: "I am loved." "I am compassionate." "I practice loving-kindness."

Why is it important?

This may be one of the most crucial of the chakras of the world. It is the balanced, compassionate center of your being. You will feel friendly, connected to yourself & others, and outgoing. Having this chakra active means you practice empathy, unconditional love, and nurture your friendships.

The Third Chakra: Solar Plexus

This chakra is your source of power, located in the center of your belly. You speak and sing best when you use your stomach to power your throat. This is your depth and soul power.

Color: Yellow

Location: Middle of your belly

Surrounds: Your Power

Other Name: Manipura "Lustrous Gem"

Mantra: "I am powerful." "I am glowing." "I am motivated."

Why is it important? Your solar plexus being activated allows you to respect yourself, respect others, and feel relaxed, happy, outgoing yet energized. Having power in this chakra allows you to transcend the ego, finding the motivation to live your best life.

The Second Chakra: Sacral

Your sacral chakra is called such because it is located in your navel, in the hips. It's the center of your emotions, pleasure, and desires.

Color: Orange

Location: Navel in the hips

Surrounds: Pleasure, emotions, and desires

Other Name: Svadhishthana "One's adobe"

Mantra: "I am sensual." "I trust." "I am open to feeling joyous."

Why is it important? This chakra is the center of pleasure, desires, and emotions. When it's activated, you will feel sensual, alive, are enjoying everything, and desired. It allows you to be in touch with your feelings while being trusting towards others.

The First Chakra: Root

This chakra is your root, at the base of your spine and involves your roots and taking root.

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

Surrounds: History, the material world, and survival

Other Name: Muladhara “Root support”

Mantra: "I have everything I need." "I am grounded." "I am at peace."

Why is it important?

All of your other chakras depend on this one. Your solid foundation can sprout good things as when this chakra is activated, you will feel in control, safe, grounded, and connected to the earth.

The chakras of the world help you become...well you. They allow you to reach your true state of being and once they are all activated and balanced, you will have a new view of the world. It doesn't happen in a day and you certainly can't do it all at once. But you will get there. I know it.

Understanding the Chakras of the World was written, researched, and edited by Emmalie Roberts. For more articles, check out our blog page, here, and don't forget to follow us on social media, here, for daily tips, tricks, and reminders for your path to holistic health.

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