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Waxing Vs Shaving - Pros and Cons

Almost every woman of all ages wishes to have smooth and hair-free legs, armpits, face and bikini lines and one of the biggest struggles a woman goes through her life is the never-ending debate between shaving and waxing.

Although, shaving body hair with a razor seems to be an easier, hassle-free and quicker option compared to booking an appointment, going to the parlour and bearing all that pain after spending a good amount of money

But have you ever tried to understand what can be the negative sides of shaving and what can be the benefits of all that hard work you do for smooth and clean skin?

In this article, we are going to talk about what’s better for your skin & pocket as well.

As per the research, a renowned Dermatologist Dr Sarah Young - MD has shared some of the pro’s and con’s of shaving and waxing so that you figure out what’s best for your skin.

Shaving Pros:-

  • Faster and easier access can even make it a part of daily grooming essential

  • Razors and shaving creams are affordable and pocket friendly compared to salon waxes

  • Has the capability to shave almost any length of hair

Shaving Cons:-

  • Shaving can lead to inflammation of hair follicles, itches,, burns, ingrown hairs

  • Its result will last only 1 to 3 days

  • Using dull and old blades can cause irritation and cuts to your skin

Waxing Pros:-

  • Your skin will feel smoother and hair can start to become thin over time with its help

  • It can even be used as a method of exfoliation

  • The waxing lasts for more than 2 to 3 weeks

Waxing Cons:-

  • Waxing can be a painful procedure, as your hair is being removed from the root. There are several people who opt for shaving because to some people the pain is intolerable.

  • Its hot wax can also burn the skin if your salon lady is not careful enough

  • Removing female facial hair from their roots while using anti-ageing or acne products can also lead to abrasions, infections, scarring. So make sure you are careful and do your thorough research before waxing.

  • Your hair should be ¼ to ½ to be waxed

In the end, both the procedures have their own pro’s and con’s and your preference would totally depend on your choice.

In the next article, at Svanah Beauty we will try and give you some unique waxing and shaving tips for your skin so that you get a better experience of removing your body hair.

Stay tuned for more!

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