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What Does Holistic Beauty Means?

Every individual in this world is attracted to beauty & the beautiful things surrounded by us. While taking a look at the flowers and nature around us, we often wonder what can we do to look so beautiful naturally & take care of ourselves so that we become whole and holistic?

The word “Holistic” may not ring a bell to many, but here in this article,

We are going to give you a brief understanding of Holistic lifestyle/beauty & how it should be implemented in our lives for impeccably beautiful skin and a healthy body.

But, what does it mean by being Holistic?

For Svanah Beauty, being Holistically beautiful holds a completely different meaning from many others out there, we believe in falling in love with our body and skin, treating it like a temple by pampering ourselves inside and out.

Giving a holistic approach to our body, health, soul, mind and skin will comprise peace and love towards ourselves. Leading us to mental wellness and getting over all the negative practices and thoughts which may never give us an opposite reaction.

There are many options available in the market which will give us quick fixes and help us get radiant and glowing skin instantly, however, those aren’t permanent solutions and we all know that it is not what we deserve, and we are worth more than that!

Did you know?

Holistic beauty helps the environment!

It gives us a good feeling when we realise that a few of our actions and gestures are helping the world in becoming a better place to live. Applying holism & including holistic beauty routines in our day to day life reduces the cruelty and exploitation towards animals and plants. There are many beauty products out there in the market which are tried and tested on animals which can be harmful to them. But when people switch to holistic beauty products, they can rest assured that they are giving their best to save the environment by using organic, all-natural and anti-chemical ingredients which are healthy for our skin and body.

Best practices to imply Holistic Beauty in our daily lives -

Love your skin by making use of organic, all-natural and green products that do not contain any harsh chemical or questionable ingredients, your skin would love this!

Minimizing your skin exposure to the UV rays is an effective way to keep our skin healthy, it's best to stay indoors when the sun’s at its peak. If necessary to go outside, it's best to use organic & guilt-free sunblock/sunscreen by covering your face, hands and body, UV rays will automatically be eliminated and there are least chances that it will touch your skin.

For a healthy & holistic body, it is imperative for an individual to indulge in a healthy diet. Eating fruits, vegetables and keeping ourselves away from unhealthy, processed or deep-fried foods will keep our gut happy.

It is okay once or twice to eat comfort foods to satiate our cravings, but not regularly.

One of the most important elements of this earth is “Water”. It is important to drink as much water as possible, consuming 2 to 3-litre water during the day is a must to have a healthy skin and body.

The term “Beauty Sleep” is real and should be followed, 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep at night is a must for an adult and should be implied religiously to wake up shining bright in the mornings.

Meditation and Yoga is a doorway to nirvana, it will lead you towards a healthier life by helping you keep your mind healthy.

Consumption of herbal teas like Green tea, Chamomile tea, Hibiscus tea, Mint tea & many other teas will help us build a healthier immune system and will keep us away from any bacteria and give us the power to fight diseases.

Using beauty products which are cruelty & guilt-free, this action would help us to pamper ourselves without any hesitation and restriction. It is small participation from outside to the betterment of environment - To shop your Holistic & Guilt-Free beauty products join the Svanah community by visiting the website -

In the end, Holistic beauty is all about taking care of our health and body by supporting a better environment, using cruelty and guilt-free products, and leading a healthier lifestyle which will benefit our mental and physical health.

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