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Why Chemical Based Makeup Can Be Harmful For Our Skin?

Being a Woman, our most prized possession is our make-up collection, we tend to collect different types of make-up from several brands.

Makeup products like skin foundation, lipstick, compact powder, blush on & many other particular items are there for which women are huge fans of.

“As per a recent survey of 4,000 women commissioned by Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics found that the average woman owns a whopping 40 makeup products.”

Also, it is not just women anymore who are willing to make the best use of makeup to look presentable, men also come under this section & they love to take care of their skin and look as best as they can!

Once reported by“One in five men said they now use make-up, according to a survey for grooming brand Wahl.”

This makes it obvious that skincare has reached every individual including Men, Women & even Transgenders.

Most of them are unaware of the fact that they are wearing a lot of chemicals on their face & skin by the name of “MakeUp”.

Although women stand first in making the best use of makeup in their day to day life, as per a website -

“An average woman uses a dozen of beauty care products that contain 168 chemical ingredients daily. An average man uses just 6 products with 85 ingredients, also 1,300 toxic ingredients are banned to be used in beauty products. In the USA, this number is only 11.”

Wearing Non-Organic makeup contains a lot of harmful chemicals such as:

  • Lead

Lead is a naturally heavy material, yet the word “Natural” doesn’t add any benefits to it. It is a strong neurotoxin that increases the risk of infertility as it damages the reproductive system. Just like most of the heavy metals, lead builds up in your body which means its regular exposure may increase the risk of adverse effects:

Fact: If you read the label of your lipstick, you won't see lead listed as an ingredient. It is contaminated by the pigments used in lipsticks, nailpolish & foundations.

  • Nanoparticles

These chemicals have been fragmented to sizes below 100nm and are often used in sunscreens, moisturizers, lipsticks, mineral makeup, etc. Nanoparticles are less visible when applied on the skin which makes them ideal as ingredients in almost all kinds of makeup. They make the application easier and provide the smooth, glow-like finish, we all love so much. Apart from that, nanoparticles aid the penetration of certain active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. Nevertheless, as you can guess, along with these active ingredients some unwanted compounds may pass the barrier of the skin and enter your bloodstream. Even though the safety of their use in personal care products hasn’t been studied in detail, nanoparticles are suspected to cause damage to the cellular level.

Yet, to handle all our love for make-up & skincare there is an alternative option which is unharmful and has many benefits.

Yes, we are talking about organic, natural, made from home-brewed ingredients and cruelty-free makeup!

Organic makeup comes as a saviour to all of our interests and help us to indulge into taking care of ourselves.

Our brand, Svanah Beauty is known to be one of the most popular and trusted brand in the world of Organic cosmetics, there are many reasons why Svanah Beauty is so famous and few of the reasons are:

We are -


Svanah Team is inspired by Holistic Beauty as we go searching around the world to bring the best and purest to you. Holistically & Organically made skincare, bath supplies, bath bombs.


Svanah Team is Dedicated to small business and home-brewed methods.


Svanah Team Loves Animals.

Explore our “Shop” section to come across many such products that you & your skin, both will fall in love with!

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